Sublime text 2 mini review

I’m a TextMate user. But recently I’ve had to work in all 3 platforms at once (Main computer running Windows, with RoR running in a VM, accessed by means of a text editor+ExpanDrive and FireFox in the Windows host. Macbook Air as an auxiliary service, watching more logs or using Sequel Pro to mess with the database. Synergy ties the mouse & keyboard together on the two physical machines.).

So what editor am I using if I can’t have my beautiful TextMate running at 1080p?

Sublime Text 2, of course! It supports TextMate themes… First thing I did was install VibrantInk.tmTheme. It is native cross-platform software! No nasty Java, or worse, JRuby (cough redcar cough)

I love the split pane feature, which you’d come to expect after working with Terminator or iTerm2.

Why are you still reading this? Go download Sublime Text 2 and if you like it, support the developers (buy a license).

(I have no affiliation with them, I just think the editor is awesome and I want it to continue to be improved)

If there is one missing feature it would be a better split-pane system such as that of iTerm2, e.g. 2 panes on the left, one on the right, etc