Raspberry pi iphone tether

iPhone Tethering on Raspberry Pi

The instructions here are useful although the current packages in Arch and Debian repositories do not work with iOS 7 (Trust Loop Bug) but it is still a good starting point to understand how this works.


iOS 7 Support

Install libimobiledevice from latest source

In order to get iOS 7 support, we need to compile everything from source. Find the scripts for ArchLinux and Raspbian here: https://gist.github.com/kfatehi/8922430


Mounting your iPhone

Start usbmuxd: usbmuxd

Create a mount point: mkdir /media/iphone

Mount the device: ifuse /media/iphone

(You can unmount using umount /media/iphone)

You should now be able to view the contents of your iPhone.


At this point you should reboot so that modules and rules get loaded. After that, I gave up on ArchLinux due to issues getting actual network traffic to go across, so I can’t speak for ArchLinux from herein. However I did have success on Raspbian. You should be able to simply plug in your iPhone and see a new interface come up and be able to ping the outside world. Enjoy!